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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Shane, Armoire King

Today is Shane's 42nd birthday!

When we first met, in 1997, Shane was known in certain circles as the "Armoire King" because he made a LOT of armoires, mostly for Cargo Furniture Stores.  Cargo has since gone out of business, but the Armoire King is alive and kicking!

Let's celebrate Shane's birthday with a walk down Armoire Lane...  and because Tuscan furniture is my latest obsession, each of the armoires shown has Tuscan style beaded trim.  I looked through dozens and dozens of photos and selected just a few of my favorites!

Check out the tulip bunn feet on the majestic armoire on the upper left. Tall, dark and handsome, eh?  Just like a certain furniture dude I know.  It's hard to tell but I think the wood is cherry, could be maple. Shane's asleep or I'd ask him.

On the right is a TV armoire with drawers, similar in design to the armoires we made for Cargo Furniture Stores except for the added beaded trim. The finish is mahogany. The wood is pine. 

On the left is a similar armoire but honey colored and the bottom drawers are replaced with doors.  Both units are designed to hold a TV and stereo equipment.

And on our right we have a fruitwood stained pine door over door armoire flanked by honey stained media towers.  We made hundreds of the media towers for Cargo Furniture stores in the late 90s.

Last but not least, the large armoire on the bottom left was commissioned along with several other peices, by the Heath family in 1991, shortly after their marriage.   You can view most of their custom furniture on our website.

There you have it, a walk down Armoire Lane.  Hope you had fun!

Yesterday I finished updating the Console Table photos on our website.  Be sure to check it out.

Don't forget to enter the 42 event giveway.  42 prizes will be given away!!  Answer three simple questions to enter.  Easy peasy.


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