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Friday, January 24, 2014

Secrets to Authentically Aged Antiqued Shabby Primitive Distressed Paint Finishes

Shane Rodarte is regarded as having developed one of the most authentically antique distress painted finishes. In this video he reveals some of his trade secrets: Okay, so he isn't giving away ALL of his secrets.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

He's Taking All the Presents

Pencil Post Bed by ShaKa Studios

It's Christmas Eve.

"Christmas Eve" by Shane Rodarte

As we wind down the year, and prepare for the final months of ShaKa Studios American Furniture, we reflect on how thankful we are for the clients who have blessed us with the opportunity to create beautiful custom furniture for over 15 years.
 "I will enjoy this bed for a lifetime." - Tate Taylor, Director/Executive Producer/Screenwriter "The Help"
Choosing the best time to retire is never easy. We have built a solid reputation by delivering heirloom-quality custom beds  and TV Stands.   There are cabinets, dressers, tables, dry sinks and armoires, so many armoires, in homes across America, that were lovingly crafted by Shane Rodarte.
"The console is simply incredible; the craftsmanship is evident in every detail." - Jesse Ortiz, New Mexico
It seems like a thousand years ago, but in 1998 we took a leap of faith, gambled everything we had, and made our little custom furniture studio a success.  We were probably crazy.  What business did newly weds with a baby on the way have launching a web-based custom furniture business in 1998?  Who even had computers - or internet access, for that matter?

"He's Taking All the Presents" by Shane Rodarte
Our gambled paid off.   Shane had already built a reputation for himself as a top-notch furniture maker.  We believed the future was on the world wide web, and we were right.
 "I purchased my bed in 1990 and it is still sturdy and and as good as it was when we bought it." - Leslie Watson, Texas
And now it is time to gamble once again. Is this the right time to say goodbye to the business that we both worked so hard to create?  Time will tell.  We have faith.

Enjoy these holiday sketches by Shane Rodarte.  He is an amazingly talented artist regardless of medium - wood or pencil.  He has a knack for turning a blank canvas into a work of art.

The time to commission one of the final works of art in wood that Shane ever creates is now.  We will stop taking orders for TV stands on December 31, 2013.  The 20% discount on beds will end on the 31st, as well.  We may or may not accept bed orders after that.   It will depend on what happens between now and the 31st.  Regardless, there will be no further discounts offered after December 31st.

May your Christmas be miraculous,

Shane & Kandas Rodarte

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Top 10 Sellers from 2013

Merry Christmas from our Family to Yours

Hard to believe it's almost over.  December 31 is just around the corner. We are overwhelmed with gratitude for the outpouring of  well-wishes, and orders.  Shane has several fun projects to build before he hangs up his saw blades, including a couple that will be truly one-of-a-kind. There are less then two weeks left to commission your handmade signed bed at 20% off the regular price.  It's not too late to commission a TV stand at full price.  If you'd like to add a nightstand or dresser to your bed order, we can review your options with you.

Here are our top 10 selling products from 2013.  Okay, there are 12.  Two are shown in both their stained and painted versions:

Canopy Bed
Canopy Bed
$2280.00 $1320.00-$1950.00
Chest of 4 Drawers
Chest of 4 Drawers
Sady's Nightstand
Sady's Nightstand
Tavern Mirror
Tavern Mirror
Four Poster Rope Bed
Four Poster Rope Bed
$2385.00 $1352.80-$2046.80
Henegar 40 inch Stained TV Stand
Henegar 40 inch Stained TV Stand
Fairfield 48" TV Cabinet
Fairfield 48" TV Cabinet
Brazos 60 inch TV Console
Brazos 60 inch TV Console
Tall Cannonball Bed - Stained
Tall Cannonball Bed - Stained
$3098.00 $1974.40-$2604.40
Girtz 72 inch Painted TV Stand
Girtz 72 inch Painted TV Stand
Painted Tall Cannonball Bed
Painted Tall Cannonball Bed
$2888.00 $1806.40-$2436.40
Henegar 40 inch Painted TV Stand
Henegar 40 inch Painted TV Stand

Monday, December 2, 2013

Cyber Monday Special: 20% OFF TV Furniture Extended

Cyber Monday Special:  20% OFF TV Stands and Media Cabinets Extended through December 2, 2013

Cyber Monday Offer: 

20% OFF TV Furniture extended one extra day. 

Includes TV Stands, TV Cabinets, TV Armoires, Media Consoles, Bar Stools and special offer cupboards.

Excludes custom items.

Ends tonight at midnight PST.

Shop online:

or call Kandas at 281-826-2337

Sunday, December 1, 2013

High-Quality Holiday Photo Greeting Cards, Exceptional Value

One of the reasons why Shane can retire at just 46 years old, is because we have a second business, Gratitude Geek.  We offer high quality greeting cards and gifts at an exceptional value through our partnership with SendOutCards.

These cards are great for business owners and sales professionals who are looking for a powerful, easy and inexpensive way to express appreciation to their clients.  They are just as great for individuals who just want to send a few cards and gifts a month to friends and family.

Kandas would be happy to schedule a 20 minute strategy session with you to determine how Gratitude Geek can make your card and gift sending easier and less expensive.  Call her at 281-826-2337 or visit for more info.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Black Friday - 2 Days Left for 20% OFF TV Furniture

Final Days for 20% OFF the last units of TV furniture ever made by Shane Rodarte.

Hard to believe the month is nearly over... and the final TV furniture orders are trickling in...

Yesterday, we celebrated Shane's 46th birthday.  In lieu of turkey and fixings, he opted for Korean BBQ and cheesecake.  We had great company and thankful hearts.

We do have much for which to be thankful:  Shane's 28 year career as a professional furniture maker, our fifteen years together pioneering the way people purchase custom furniture online, and a bright and exciting future!  We shared a glimpse of our future plans on The Weekly Business Hour with Rick Schissler this past Monday. You can listen to the entire hour long interview online or watch a synopsis in this short video clip.

"Thanks again to both you and Shane for being on this morning show. It definitely was the most fun we have ever had on the show." - Rick Schissler, Weekly Business Hour
Remember the final day to order TV furniture and custom case goods is December 1, 2013 and the final day for beds is December 31, 2013.

We appreciate you!

Shane & Kandas
ShaKa Studios

Monday, November 25, 2013

Shane & Kandas on Lone Star Radio Today at 11 a.m.

6 Days Left to Commission a TV Stand or Media Cabinet from Shane Rodarte before her retires.

Be sure to tune in to Lone Star Internet Radio today at 11 a.m. CST to hear Shane and Kandas Rodarte on the Weekly Business Hour with Rick Schissler.  Rick, a Silver Fox Adviser, offers business tips and interviews with local business owners during his weekly hour long radio show.  If you miss the interview, it will be available on demand via the webpage.

Listen Online November 25, 2013


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